Bistro Breakfast Burger

Bistro breakfast burger
4 servings
15  min cook time
5  min prep time

4 Brioche Burger Buns
4 hash browns
4 eggs
8 slices of bacon
4 ground beef burgers
Boursin Cheese Spread (optional) 


Fry the hash browns in a hot pan with a touch of oil or butter.

Grill the burgers to desired doneness. Set aside.

Cook the bacon slices in the same pan until crispy

Wipe off some of the bacon grease from the pan. Cook the eggs sunny-side up. While the eggs are cooking, spread the bottoms and tops of each Brioche Burger Buns with cheese spread, if desired.

Place the burgers and hash browns on the buns, top each with sunny-side up egg and two strips of bacon. Serve immediately.

Enjoy your meal !
Illustration paris
Illustration paris