• Is Brioche Gourmet Vegetarian?

Yes, all of our product contains vegetarian ingredients

  • Is Brioche Gourmet Vegetarian Kosher?

No, we are not certified kosher.

  • Is Brioche Gourmet Vegetarian Halal?

No, we are not certified Halal.

  • Does your Brioche contain Alcohol?

It is part of our baking tradition to flavour our brioches with natural flavours like orange and vanilla and also with spirits like brandy and rum

Some of the flavours we use in our recipes to enhance the taste of our products contain alcohol.

Our brioches may contain traces of residual alcohol that originate from the flavours we use or as a result of the alcoholic fermentation process.

Please note that although the residual alcohol content in our products is very low, residual alcohol is still present in our products, even at trace levels.

  • Can I freeze your Brioche?

We do not recommend freezing the products.