A family history
& an authentic


Our love of brioche began in 1945 in a French boulangerie, where our family began creating delicious artisanal brioche. Nestled in the countryside of western France, we passed down our family recipes, mastering the perfect brioche: a soft, fluffy, slightly sweet bread that brings joy with every bite.

For four generations, we’ve been baking wholesome brioche breads and today, we are delighted to bring our classic French bread to households across Australia. Our original family recipes remain true, and so does our passion for our craft, which inspires every brioche we bake today.

The Finest Ingredients

Our Brioche is baked using high quality, authentic ingredients, like French butter, milk and cream. Crafted in France, our GMO free traditional recipes enabling us to offer delectable / irresistible products for the whole family.

We follow the strictest international food certification to date. We make brioche that is simply delicious.